Strength has a very specific way of being ranked. It ranges from 0 to 10.

For Strength:

0: Nonexistent Being (A Ghost, Spirit)

1: Disabled Human and most small animals (Charles Xavier)

2: Average Human (You)

3: Pro Athelte (Mike Tyson)

4: "Enhanced" Being (Steve Rogers [Cap America]

5: Far Beyond Human (Sebastian Michaelis)

6: Superhuman (The Hulk)

7: God-Like (Goku, Superman)

8: Galaxy-Buster (Broly)

9: Godly (Odin)

10: Omnipotent (Chuck Norris)

Note: This only pertains to PHYSICAL strength.

Note.V2: There is such thing as Decimals, if you feel your character is right between two classes, feel free to use a .5

Note V3: Omnipotence is only attainable BY Chuck Norris. He's Watching.

Note V4: For a character to have 0 strength, it must be unable to exert any physical force upon ANYTHING

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