Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

Sebastian is a demon. 'Nuff said. He has no notable background, other than the fact that he is extremely loyal and has served Ciel Phantomhive for years as his butler.

Strength: 5

Speed: ??? (He has been known to get from one place to another nigh-instantly, however, him being able to teleport has not been comfirmed)

Intelligence: 8

Special Powers: Perfect Memory, Regeneration, immortality ('less it's with the Aelatin or a Reaper's Scythe), Demon form (Which makes him excrutiatingly more powerful), Undying Loyalty. No need to sleep.

Possible Accessories: Expensive Tailcoat, Silverware (Projectiles), Aelatin (Demon Sword)

Noteworthy Acomplisments: Killed an Angel Of Massacre in 10 seconds flat, caught bullets with hands and deflected them, wrestled a demon hound to the ground, impaled the heads of the triplets at once, killed Claude Faustus, destroyed an island in a fit

Possibility of survival: Guaranteed. The perfectionist nature of Sebastian forces him to follow any and all orders without question, and without hesitation, he can stay up all night and guard the sleeping refugees, or massacre an entire horde in the blink of an eye. Sebastian is to be feared, and don't fear bites, he cannot be zombified. 10/10

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