Intelligence has a very specific way of being ranked. It ranges from 0 to 10.

For Intelligence:

0: Impossible to think (Inanimate Objects, Rocks, Plastic, Average American)

1: Average Human (You)

2: Thinker (Smart person)

3: Strategizer (Bobby Fisher)

4: Mastermind (Adolf H.)

5: Revolutionizer (Stephen Hawking, I. Newton, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates)

6: Game-Changer (Advanced AI, Cortana)

7: SuperKnower (Central Computer of any major organization)

8: Ultimate Nerd (Braniac)

9: The Wise (He who has seen everything)

10: Omnintelligence (He who knows all)

Note: Omnintelligence is unnatainable, Period.

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